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Abstract Lighting

Abstract Lighting28 Online

Think the unexpected, something completely removed from the norm. Shapes, lines, form and color can used in unusual ways to create something that does not reference any natural object – the end result are shapes and forms that you probably have not seen before. Don’t expect to see what you normally refer to as a lighting fixture. Abstract lighting breaks the rules.

Abstract art uses visual language of shape, form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world

Abstract art, non-figurative art, non-objective art, and non-representational art are closely related terms.

Architectural Lighting

Architectural Lighting194 Online

In some way all lighting used in the home is architectural. The term architectural lighting typically implies lighting fixtures possessed of an underlying strategy or design intent, perhaps also of a quality of light and/or quality of aesthetic design.

An architectural appearance is one in which a design professional has selected features and forms to create an overall effect or look complying with a pre-decided plan. Often casually used to simply imply quality and level of design thought included in a product.

Art Deco Lighting

Art Deco Lighting25 Online

Sometimes simply ‘Deco’. This hybrid style emerged right at the start for the 20th century. Initially using clean lines and intense colors, by the 1930s the style had evolved into the more familiar chrome simplicity of buildings like New York City’s Chrysler building had emerged.

Elegant, clean lines, bold colors. Think all those classic automobile hood ornaments that you love. Think Bugatti’s, South Beach Miami architecture and a million neon signs in cities around the world.

Asian Styled Lighting

Asian Styled Lighting17 Online

The term ‘Asia’ covers both a massive area and multiple styles and periods, however in lighting it typically this refers to a simplicity of style; a quiet, restrained and sophisticated elegance with a peacefulness referred to by some as ‘Zen’.

Nature references are common in the forms, as is sometimes an asymmetry in design. ‘Oriental’ is a word that carries much political baggage today, but the rich colors of a traditional Manchu dragon or Willow pattern plate conjure images familiar to many.

Similarly, the soft beauty of the diffuse light emitted by a Japanese shoji screen is well known to all designers.

Candlestick Lighting

Candlestick Lighting3 Online

Two hundred years ago everyone’s ancestors lit their homes with candles and obviously the design of much antique furniture and spaces were originally intended to work with candle(s) as the light source.

Some classic forms include traditional stick candle holders, lanterns with or without clear and diffuse glass or other materials to allow the light to pass, imitation candles, multiple candle chandeliers, and sometimes even side-of-mirror sconces to create a replica of a traditional illumination means.

Contemporary Lighting

Contemporary Lighting481 Online

Today’s contemporary has a habit of rapidly becoming tomorrow’s vintage. Broadly this is today’s latest and greatest design. Words like, trending, en vogue and fashionable spring to mind.

Much the same as clothing fashion, contemporary design can be a moving target. At the time of writing todays contemporary implies neutral colors, masculine forms, simplicity of line with minimal decorative features, sleek, clean designs often living next to huge artworks and geometric patterns.

Country & Cottage Lighting

Country & Cottage Lighting5 Online

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Crystal Lighting

Crystal Lighting0 Online

Crystal is any fixture that utilizes cut or formed crystal, glass or polymer to create prismatic, lenticular and refracting clear shapes, the individual clear elements most commonly used in multiples to form large glittering arrays.

The overall effect is sometimes like gazing into large, cut diamonds. The styles of the fixtures can range from the traditional – 18th century chandeliers once lit by candlelight, though to sleek contemporary and modern forms in a myriad of shapes and configurations.

Often the patterns produced on walls and furniture by the multiple refractive elements are used to design effect as much as the illumination itself. Frequently used as a statement piece or point of focus.

Empire Lighting

Empire Lighting0 Online

The Empire style references a period immediately following the American Revolution. Empire Style has a regal formality that references the high of classical Roman design. Look for it in old public offices and great houses.

Geometric forms, extremely simple lines, formal, architectural construction on a grand scale with design detail often referencing classic roman and Greek statuary. Sumptuous gold detailing is common. Think Paris’s Arch de Triumph or the Washington Square memorial in NYC.

Hybrid Lighting

Hybrid Lighting5 Online

A hybrid light is generally a fixture that fulfils the role of two more traditional fixtures or the performs its job using multiple energy sources, or multiple power means.

It may also be a multi-function or adjustable or otherwise tunable or moving lighting fixture.

Industrial Lighting

Industrial Lighting44 Online

Industrial lighting when applied to residential lighting usually implies a robustness of construction and form. A utility or brutality and robustness of design that references the lighting used or once used in industrial, manufacturing, large retail or warehouse locations.

Frequently these fixture designs reference the rugged utility lighting used in days gone by. Multiple forms and installation types exist, as did their predecessors in the commercial environment.

Laser & Plasma Cut Lighting

Laser & Plasma Cut Lighting5 Online

Laser or plasma cutting (sometimes also waterjet and chemically etched cutting) can produce wafer-thin slits and slots in thin metals and polymers.

This cutting can be used to join fixture materials together, but most often the thin, complex cuts produced are used to produce decorative forms in the shades, housings or covers of a lighting fixture.

Forms range from decorative details within large chandeliers through complex patterns in luminaries and tea lights.

Mid-Century Modern Lighting

Mid-Century Modern Lighting31 Online

Mid Century usually implies the post-war design period from 1945-1969. If you watched ‘Madmen’ you already know this style very well. Sleek lines, sometimes geometric and sometimes naturalistic but always minimal.

Form follows function, all design details have a purpose. New materials were used like Aluminum and polymers – often with intense and clashing colors and textures. There is rarely any decoration and what there is typically abstract and/or minimal.

Modern Transitional Lighting

Modern Transitional Lighting11 Online

Transition style lives in two worlds, the contemporary and the traditional – at the same time. Often defined more by what you already own than by what you plan to buy, delivering the transitional style hinges on creating the mix. Two opposing styles can be mixed, but the overall effect is creating by the tying together of hues, textures and shapes throughout a space. If you didn’t purchase all of your home furnishings at the same time and in the same year the chances are you already live in a somewhat transitional space.

Nautical Lighting

Nautical Lighting15 Online

Drawing its inspiration from ships and docks, the marine style is usually utilitarian, but can also occasionally refer to move casual beach and shore lifestyle designs too. Lighting fixtures are often sealed or otherwise protected against the elements - frequently containing guards to protect them from accidental harm. Sometimes this style come with molded lenses – to emulate ship’s port and starboard, masthead, signal or binnacle lights. The style is frequently used in exterior fixtures for obvious reasons. Expensive materials like brass, copper and bronze are common, as are weather resistant painted and powder coated finishes.

Old World Lighting

Old World Lighting0 Online

Old world style is what European’s great, great, great grandmother’s home looked like. It borrows rustic influences from old Europe – the Mediterranean and French Villas, Tuscany and Italian villas. Hand crafted rude wrought iron that looks like the village blacksmith made it, pottery and stone from the quarry and pottery in your tiny Mediterranean village. Ochres and earth tones combines with old maps, old prints and old books set the tone. You have seen it in that French movie.

Organic Lighting

Organic Lighting10 Online

Organic lighting can have several meanings.

First, organic LED or ‘OLED’ - a new type of Light emitting diode source, a newly emerged cousin of the now ubiquitous LED.

Second, ‘human-centric lighting’ - a lighting fixture or system designed to work with humans and improve our health and wellbeing. It does so by leveraging innovative technology and control systems to vary both light level and hue in synchrony with the time of day and with our specific needs.

Third and finally organic lighting can be design forms that mimic or actually re-utilize organic forms. Items such as tree stumps, tree limbs, rocks or found living objects.

Retro Lighting

Retro Lighting15 Online

The retro style deliberately references times gone by. It mimics classic fixture designs to create its appearance. Anything old could be the inspiration, but consider old beer-sign pool table fixtures, the original Edison lightbulb. Any earlier style such as Deco or Art Nouveau  can work – as can a converted Victorian gas lamp design or a 1920s period lighting fixture.

Rustic Lodge Lighting

Rustic Lodge Lighting0 Online

Cabin in the woods anyone? Wood, more wood, Deer antlers, rough molded glass, rude forged metal work. Basic, simple, appears locally made. Re-purposed oil lanterns. Imagery is trees, fish, mountains and wildlife. Put the skis on the porch, the rifle in the rack and snuggle up by a roaring fire.

Traditional Lighting

Traditional Lighting0 Online

Probably the most popular style in the American home. A mixture of periods and styles, of classic and casual that all work together. The look has a restrained comfortable elegance to it. Stained glass may be mixed with white glass or with chrome or painted metal finishes.

Chances are you grew up with traditional and typically it is a style that gets revised piecemeal – kitchen counters, rugs, hardwood and couches then fixtures. The style is versatile and variable and grows with you and your family – statistically speaking you probably live in this now.

Transitional Lighting

Transitional Lighting2 Online

Transitional style sits mid-way between modern and traditional styles, between the masculine and the feminine. It is a deliberate hybrid that works well with both old and new spaces.

Simplicity and sophisticated elegance meet as old-world materials like wood and iron meet modern chrome and glass in a fusion of styles.

Practicality and simplicity rules and decoration and ornamentation is simple - if any is present at all.

Tropical Lighting

Tropical Lighting0 Online

This style emulates that tropical retreat you will buy yourself when you make it big.

Greens, tans and soft blues. Palm trees, Bamboo, Peacock chairs, hammocks, woven leaves, Lloyd Loom and wicker, large-leaved plants Singapore Slings on the veranda and Pina Colada on the lanai anyone? At sunset listen to those Howler monkeys go!

Vintage Lighting

Vintage Lighting6 Online

Moving forwards by looking backwards, these fixtures are from another time. Your decision is exactly when in time do you appreciate most.  Does the fixture look like it was once powered by gas? Ornate molded and etched glasswork with cast or sculpted metal details often define this style. Think old hotel rooms, steam trains and that haunted house on the hill. Boo!

Whimsical Lighting

Whimsical Lighting0 Online

Whimsical fixtures are tough to generally define. Something that will make you smile, sometimes attention grabbing. Create a lamp from a stuffed fish perhaps? Possibilities might include directed whimsy - like lamps constructed from golf clubs for a golfer or from leaves for a gardener.

An almost infinite number of random combinations of unexpected or non-traditional or perhaps comedic imagery or materials can be used. Whimsey is synonymous with caprice, humor and freak, so expect the unexpected. 

Smart Technology

Smart Technology14 Online

Smart technology - Turns any home into a smart home with the devices and gadgets available within this catagory.

Light up your home with smart lights, control them from the touch of your phone or the tone of your voice when connected to Google Assistant and Alexa.